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  • URD Spec-U Exhaust Release

    URD is proud to announce our new Spec-U exhaust system for the 2005-2013 Tacoma V6 and 2003-2009 4Runner. This is the ultimate performance exhaust system for your truck and it is ready for the race track. The Spec-U system enhances power and torque throughout the RPM range and has a completely unique exhaust note.

    Hear it on this product video
  • 2TR-FE Supercharger Kit

    URD has released this advanced supercharger system for the 2005 and later Tacoma with the 2.7L 2TR-FE 4 cylinder engine. The before dyno using a DynoJet chassis dyno was 117 RWHP. The after dyno was 248 RWHP. The after dyno was done without the catalytic converters installed and the Stage 2 pulley.

    Check out the dyno chart & video
  • Spec-U Equal Length Headers

    URD is proud to announce our new Spec-U True Equal Length Long Tube Header for the 1GR-FE 4.0L V6 engine. We have tested different tube lengths in an effort to maximize the low end torque production without sacrificing the upper end power gains. The equal length design also improves the sound or tone of the exhaust.

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URD has hit another milestone.

URD was the first company to bring to market a forced induction system for the 1GR-FE engine. Our first system we call the Mark 1 system made over 300 RWHP in its original form.

A while later the system was updated to the Mark 2 configuration using a larger supercharger and air/air intercooler system and we broke through the 400 RWHP barrier.

The system was again updated to the Mark 3 configuration using better engine management and a cold air intake system. The stage 3 system normally ranged in the 430-450 RWHP range, with some pushing higher. The system could not be maxed out due to limitations of the stock engine.

URD worked with Darton a good while ago to develop the first mid sleeve kit for the 1GR. Once the sleeved block was delivered we contracted with an engine builder that failed to complete the build. Although this set things back a good bit, it did give us the opportunity to start over from scratch and this time we decided to include stroker rotating assembly from Brian Crower.

The new engine was installed a couple of weeks ago and started right up and drove perfectly. The self tuning ability of the UCON-Ethos did not require any manual calibration changes. It was driven for 500 road miles without a glitch.

Today it was put on the dyno. My last dyno on the stock engine with the same configuration put down 440 RWHP (-91 w/75mm), today after a few runs it easily push through 500 RWHP. The highest it was pushed today was 539 RWHP with an 80mm pulley and 7000 RPM redline. It was backed off to right at 500 RWHP and we are going to run it like that for a while. This was all done with 93 octane pump gas.

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2 months ago

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UCON-EMS Advanced Engine Management for Toyota 1GR-FE 4.0L V6

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