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  • URD Spec-U Exhaust Release

    URD is proud to announce our new Spec-U exhaust system for the 2005-2013 Tacoma V6 and 2003-2009 4Runner. This is the ultimate performance exhaust system for your truck and it is ready for the race track. The Spec-U system enhances power and torque throughout the RPM range and has a completely unique exhaust note.

    Hear it on this product video
  • 2TR-FE Supercharger Kit

    URD has released this advanced supercharger system for the 2005 and later Tacoma with the 2.7L 2TR-FE 4 cylinder engine. The before dyno using a DynoJet chassis dyno was 117 RWHP. The after dyno was 248 RWHP. The after dyno was done without the catalytic converters installed and the Stage 2 pulley.

    Check out the dyno chart & video
  • Spec-U Equal Length Headers

    URD is proud to announce our new Spec-U True Equal Length Long Tube Header for the 1GR-FE 4.0L V6 engine. We have tested different tube lengths in an effort to maximize the low end torque production without sacrificing the upper end power gains. The equal length design also improves the sound or tone of the exhaust.

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Well the long time question I have had is that YES the Volant intake for the 2012+ Tacoma is very different than the pre-2012 version.

What I found is that it make the engine run much richer than stock, but no where near as bad as the pre-2012.

The version tested did have the scoop.

URD now has a map for our MAF Sensor Calibrator for the 2012+ version. I did not get a chance to dyno the change with the MAF Calibrator tune, but seat of the pants, there is a huge improvement.

OK, so here is the deal:

Peak gain was 4 RWHP

Max Gain is 9 RWHP and 9 RWTQ at 5520 RPM.
... See More

4 weeks ago

2015 Tundra TRD-Pro getting the completely stock baseline run on the URD DynoJet. ... See More

1 month ago

URD just finished test fitting the updated version of our Spec-U Equal Length Long Tube Headers for the 2012 and later Tacoma V6 with the air injection system.

The test vehicle was is a 2012 Tacoma XRunner COMPLETELY STOCK other than the addition of our headers.

Peak gain was 17 RWHP and 30 RWTQ

Max Gain was 22 RWHP at 3500 RPM and 34 RWTQ at 3430 RPM.

The most important thing to note is the Spec-U headers makes power throughtout the ENTIRE RPM range. NO LOSS IN LOW END TORQUE.

The truck is beautiful and I hope the owner forgets to pick it up!!

The headers have been cleared for production and we expect to start taking orders in about a week and shipping in five weeks.

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1 month ago

Someone's Mercedes E55 that had excessive cylinder pressure.... ... See More

2 months ago

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UCON-EMS Advanced Engine Management for Toyota 1GR-FE 4.0L V6

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