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URD Mk3 Supercharger Kit, stage I 2005-2009 4Runner

(4 customer reviews)
  • More power than any other supercharger system
  • Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger
  • Advanced Engine Management using UCON Flex by iTronix Technologies
  • Huge 61# fuel injectors and 255 LPH fuel pump
  • Silent Operation
  • Turbo style blow off valve
  • Large air-air intercooler
  • Outstanding fit and finish
  • Easy installation
  • Off road snorkle compatable
  • Off road winch bumper friendly



URD worked with a new start up company, iTronix Technologies, to meet our specific needs with a highly advanced self tuning engine management system for our high power supercharger kits.  It is called the UCON Flex.

iTronix exceeded our expectations and developed an EMS that is significantly better than what we had been using.

Key Features

  • More power than any other supercharger system
  • Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger
  • Advanced Engine Management using UCON Flex by iTronix Technologies
  • Huge 61# fuel injectors and 255 LPH fuel pump
  • Silent Operation
  • Turbo style blow off valve
  • Large air-air intercooler
  • Outstanding fit and finish
  • Easy installation
  • Off road snorkel compatible
  • Off road winch bumper friendly

Kit includes

  • Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger w/80mm pulley
  • Self contained Rotrex oil system with large oil cooler
  • Custom length drive belt
  • Precision charge piping made from mandrel bent aluminum
  • URD 255 LPH fuel pump/filter kit
  • Denso IKH24 Iridium Power spark plugs
  • All stainless fasteners where possible
  • All silicone couplers with quality stainless liner clamps
  • HKS SSQV turbo style blow off valve
  • Drive belt idler pulley
  • URD supercharger mounting bracket
  • URD custom air filter box with large panel type filter
  • High volume 61# fuel injectors with adapter harnesses
  • Advanced engine management using UCON Flex self tuning engine management system
  • Exhaust cam timing gears
  • Very detailed installation instructions

URD has released our supercharger system for the 4th Gen Toyota 4runner.  This kit fits the 2005-2009 Toyota 4Runner V6.

This system features a large air-to-air intercooler to cool the compressed air from the supercharger for greater power potential.  The mounting of the intercooler is high in the grill area to make it more compatible with off road winch bumpers.

Our development vehicle was a 2006 Toyota 4runner 4×4 with an automatic transmission.  The stock vehicle dynoed at 201 Rear Wheel Horse Power (RWHP).  The basic kit, Stage I, put down 355 RWHP and retains OEM quality driveability.  The system is completely silent in operation and still gets the same MPG as the stock 4Runner.

The key to producing this power level safely is in depth calibration work using highly advanced engine management and a properly configured fuel delivery system.  For engine management the kit uses the UCON Flex from iTronix Technologies.  This Advanced Engine Management System is self tuning with active dynamic air fuel ratio correction.  The UCON also has engine protecting engine guardian features.  If things start to go wrong the guardian features step in to protect the engine.  If the air fuel ratio deviates from the programmed value and the dynamic active fuel control cannot correct it, the guardian will depower the engine to protect it.  The guardian feature also steps in if the engine begins to overheat and we also program it to limit the maximum RPM until the engine is properly warmed up.

The fuel system includes a large 255 liter per hour fuel pump that is installed in the fuel tank and high flow fuel injectors that are more than twice the flow rate of the stock ones.  These upgrades are required to ensure a sufficient supply of fuel is delivered to the engine as commanded by the UCON Flex Advanced Engine Management System.

URD has chosen the highly efficient Rotrex C38-81 supercharger as the center of this supercharger system.  The Rotrex is most advanced supercharger design on the market today.  It features a small compact foot print with almost completely silent operation, with a very highly efficient traction roller drive system that will spin the turbo type impeller 7.5 times faster than the belt drive pulley is turned.  This high step up ratio and small diameter turbo style impeller brings boost in sooner than other more common types of centrifugal superchargers.  This gives you very nice off the line performance combined with unmatched top end power.  The Rotrex Supercharger features it own self contained oiling system using Rotrex\’ proprietary traction oil that is the key to the advanced traction drive system.  Rotrex warranties their superchargers with an industry leading one year UNLIMITED mileage warranty.

The air intake system brings in cool air from the stock location in the fender wall and into URD\’ custom high flow air filter box with a very large flat panel air filter for unrestricted flow into the supercharger.  In our earlier supercharger systems, the only complaint was the system was not compatible with the popular off road snorkel systems.  This oversight was corrected with the new Mark III version.  You can easily adapt it to your favorite snorkel system, but you may have a reduction in peak power with the added restriction to the intake.

The overall operation of the supercharger system is nearly completely silent, but we have added a turbo style blow off valve will announce that your 4Runner is indeed boosted.  When the throttle is suddenly closed when the engine is at high RPM like shifting gears with boost, the blow off valve will cycle with a very crisp note typical of high performance turbo systems.  It is always a crowd pleaser!!

The kit includes all the needed brackets, parts, and fasteners to allow a trouble free, no hassle installation.  We include high quality stainless fasteners and all the parts have a high quality wrinkle black powder coating finish that will last and looks fantastic.  The piping is all mandrel bent high quality aluminum they fit like they are supposed to.  Only the best in kit components are used.

The installation on the 4Runner is very straight forward and the only modification to the vehicle require is some slight trimming of the forward skid plate.

We made every effort to make the system compatible with off road winch bumpers.  We can\’ guarantee compatibility with all bumpers on the market, but we did test fit it with the popular bumper from Demello Off-Road and a slight amount of trimming to the internal brackets was all that was needed for a perfect fit.  No permanent modifications required to install this system and it can be easily removed when you decide to sell or trade your 4Runner for a new one.

The 4Runner and FJ Cruiser share the same engine, power train, and most of the frame is the same.  The below video is of an FJ Cruiser with our original Mk1 supercharger system and producing about 50 RWHP less than our current 4Runner Mk3 stage 1 kit.

Note:  If your 4Runner is equipped with the multi-function trip computer, the supercharger kit will cause the MPG read out to read higher than actual.

This kit is not CARB approved and is legal in California for off road and racing use only.

Year Make Model Engine
Year Make Model Engine
2005 - 2009 Toyota 4Runner V6 4.0L 1GR-FE
Weight 87 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 13 in

4 reviews for URD Mk3 Supercharger Kit for 2005-2009 4Runner, Stage I

  1. Tommy Torres (verified owner)

    Years ago while doing research for more power, a buddy of mine turned me on to URD kits and the specs had me sold. Unfortunately I kept missing out and after putting on another 30k, I wasn’t sure it was worth purchasing for a 220+k 4runner. Then the MK3 goes on sale, and I just had to see what it was all about.

    Install was pretty close to everyone else’s reviews. Everything came organized and print instructions were clear. BUT before you start, open the bag with the EMS wiring first. You’ll find the 2 cam gears wrapped in there, AND a USB with 3 more instructions loaded onto it for:
    • EMS’s UCON Flex install
    • Thermostat mod install
    • Cam gear instructions

    My only regret is that I couldn’t get this kit sooner. SO GET IT NOW while you can! Who’d ever think that a lifted 4.0 4Runner with 35s that’s built for off-roading could feel like it’s capable of ludicrous speed. At least that’s how it felt to me the first time I gave her 100% throttle. The power was exhilaratingly scary! And that’s coming from a guy who road course raced 1000cc motorcycles for many years.

    So with all that said… I’ve loved and cared for my 4runner through many stages of her life, but now she’s just on a whole new level… and it’s insanely awesome!

  2. urspongyhero (verified owner)

    Incredible. I was on the waiting list for this MK3 Supercharger kit for over a year and it was worth every second. As other reviews have stated, the user support from URD is absolutely amazing and played a huge part in my purchase. I received my kit in August 2022.

    This kit was installed on my 2006 Toyota 4Runner which is also my off-road/overland truck. The install process was very smooth and the included instructions are well thought out with pictures as well as labeled bags and organized hardware. I completed this install in my garage with mostly basic tools and patience. Everything went in exactly as intended and I had no issues with fitment whatsoever.

    A few things that must be mentioned:

    – My 4Runner, at the time of install, had 242,000 miles on it. I do maintain my engine/car very well, but the higher mileage did incite some hesitation in my mind. But it was short lived! After reading and hearing about the UCON’s Guardian features I was reassured that my engine would be just fine with the added power. During the install I replaced the timing chains, tensioner, and guides on recommendation from the URD guys. I also replaced the valve cover gaskets while I had those off and replaced all vacuum tubes that were brittle.

    – As I mentioned before, I do offroad with my 4Runner so as it goes I have fit 35 inch tires. This initially contacted the intercooler piping, but with a bit of modification to the pipes, a body lift (1 inch) and some static alignment tabs I was able to solve this issue.

    – In the description of the kit they mention the fitment of their intercooler pipes with aftermarket steel front bumpers. I have a Relentless Fab. Summit front bumper and only a small amount of cutting was needed to give enough clearance so the pipes would not rub. I am still able to fit my Smittybilt winch without issues of blocking the intercooler or contacting the intercooler. Amazing.

    – Finally, I also have a Dobinsons Snorkel installed which fit beautifully with this kit.

    Now for the only negative thing, which is barely a negative thing at all. It does not like cold temperatures. And by cold I mean below 0 Fahrenheit. My 4Runner will stall on the first attempt or two. It will start, but with a little help from holding the throttle around 1.5-2k. I do not know exactly why this happens, but my best guess is the Rotrex Traction Oil has quite a high viscosity especially when it’s cold which adds more resistance to the pulley until it warms up a bit becoming less viscous. I live in Colorado where temperatures like this are not very common. This is a manageable downside and understandable as I’m sure this kit was not designed for such cold temperatures.

    Overall, it’s been about just over 6 months since I’ve installed this kit and I can’t believe I used to drive this 4Runner with less power! It’s kept all its reliability and turns heads every time I hit a trail or attend an overlanding meet. It’s definitely a rare sight for 4th gen 4Runners and I love knowing I have one of the most unique builds on the trail.

  3. dakotacwood (verified owner)

    Purchased in November of 2020 during the Black Friday Sale, Installed on my 07 4runner in January 2021 (Shipping was weird with Christmas time).

    This kit is incredible. I can’t praise the quality and fit and finish of the parts enough. All in all it took about 3 days to get the entire kit in — the installation was not hard, but was for sure more of an undertaking than I expected. While it is, on the most part, a plug and play kit with everything designed to fit on the 05-09 runners, there was quite a bit of relocation of stock equipment in the engine bay that had to be done for everything to fit comfortably without rubbing, hoses in the way or just too crammed into spaces in the engine bay.

    That all being said, when I finally got it all in and started my car up, it didn’t even feel like the same vehicle. It drives like an absolute dream and now has the power to keep up when I want to get on it. I cannot recommend this kit highly enough. If it ever goes back in stock, trust me you won’t regret your purchase by the time you drive your vehicle for the first time with this supercharger kit on it.

  4. German Schumacher (verified owner)

    Comments concerning the Supercharger kit for 2005-2009 4Runner V6, Rotrex version.

    First of all I need to praise again, the excellent support given by URD to
    the products they sell. Without this kind of support, it would be difficult
    to venture with this type of kit.

    Now to business. The kit was installed in a 2007 V6 4Runner.
    This supercharger kit works. It takes a careful attention
    to details for the installation but, the instruction manual describes
    the process in a clear way. Once you finish the installation, the engine
    starts correctly.

    What happens next is amazing. If you have never experienced with this kind
    of forced induction system, it’s a bit scary at the beginning
    to feel lots of extra power.
    Once you get used to it, it’s pure joy. The main application in my case is offroad.
    Good performance and power delivery in situations of loose terrain, sand and
    steep hills. No failures, excellent reliability.
    The 6,000+ rpm limit is handled correctly. On the highway, the mileage is similar
    to a standard engine, although it’s hard to refrain using the extra punch to
    impress somebody, every so often.

    All in all, after 6 months of use running solid as the first day.

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