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URD Off Road Y Pipe 2005-2009 4Runner V8

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The stock Y pipe has flow impediments. It has many bends and pinches down to some very small cross-sections. The stock Y-Pipe also poses a clearance issue some have run into – literally.

URD CNC machines our flanges to accept our collector crush gaskets that are included.  Our gaskets are specially made so they will not blow out with high exhaust pressure and heat even with our Supercharger Kit.  The rear flange is designed to accept the Toyota OEM donut style gasket.

The flanges have recesses machined into them that are the perfect depth for the gaskets.  The URD gaskets crushing O-Ring type gaskets.  When the bolts are tightened down all the way so the flanges come together, the gasket crushes just enough for a perfect seal.  With the flanges firmly flat against each other they don’t move, and they don’ bend causing leaks like some aftermarket exhaust systems and headers do.

The piping is 2.25” high quality, heavy gauge 304 stainless that is extremely durable utilizing only TIG welds and 316 welding rod. This Y pipe will outlast the vehicle.

The URD off road Y Pipe was designed for off road use and competition events.

The URD off road Y Pipe does include ports for the rear O2 sensors.  It will not cause a check engine light from eliminating the rear catalytic converters.  We also include and extra O2 bung for easy installation of an aftermarket wideband display sensor.

Note- Not compatible with sub-frame type lifts that lower the front differential. The change in the angle of the front propeller shaft causes and interference problem.


Year Make Model Engine
Year Make Model Engine
2005 - 2009 Toyota 4Runner V8 4.7L 2UZ-FE
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 20 × 12 in

5 reviews for URD Off Road Y Pipe for 2005-2009 4Runner V8

  1. tuf80toyota (verified owner)

    the quality is great! I have the DT long tube headers, URD Y-pipe and URD cat back and couldn’t be happier with the sound and performance. I have one complaint however, the O2 bung on the driver side should be rotated away from the driveshaft, the clearance is just too tight for a custom made exhaust. Why not rotate it 90 degrees?

  2. smackdatass (verified owner)

    First impressions, 10/10
    Flanges are beefy, angles are effing on point.
    Crush gaskets are perfect fit, bung plug perfect.
    Fit perfect, 100% seal. Not a cheap upgrade, but you get what you pay for.
    Nice ain’t cheap, and cheap ain’t nice.
    Punchy off the line and sounds great.

    Wire tooth brush the nuts and bolts, spray pb blaster few times.
    14mm on size needed out side a O2 socket to make it a breeze.
    No studs broke, clean install. Couldn’t be happier

  3. Tyler Thompson (verified owner)

    If you’re goal is better throttle response and a better-breathing exhaust, you need this. I had my drivers-side cat cut out by thieves on my ’05 Sport, so this was a no-brainer replacement to me. Eliminating both secondary cats, not giving cat bandits anything else easy to steal in the future made sense to me. Taking out the stock Y pipe I would definitely recommend using an impact, if you’ve got access to one. Even with 15 Minnesota winters, PB Blaster and an impact popped off the front exhaust nuts easily. However, I did bust one of 2 rear bolts that connect to the catback. I just got a new gasket and hardware from Napa to replace the rear (Bosal 2561046 & 2549910).

    I did end up putting in 2 new Denso 234-4261 O2 sensors in the URD Y pipe (one that was stolen with the driver cat, and the passenger side would not budge with a torch and PB). After replacing a blown 20A EFI fuse from driving without a cat for a month, and installation, the truck runs fantastic- no CELs and I think it made a big difference in throttle response. If you’ve got any sort of experience working on cars past an oil change, you can figure this out. Even with 15 years of rust, I didn’t have to cut any of the old stuff out (besides getting a new O2 sensor).

    Besides this Y pipe, my headers and catback are stock, though my tailpipe is rusted off and I’ve got a hole starting on the top of my muffler. Given that, the truck’s got more rumble now at idle, but with no big change in being louder during normal driving. When you give it the beans, it’s definitely more aggressive and I feel that throttle response.

  4. John Fujii (verified owner)

    The OEM Y pipe and exhaust are VERY restricted. Follow the pipes and you will see a big kink in the Y pipe, (as the driver runner joins the collector), and another big kink in the over pipe as it traverses the rear cross member to the back muffler. Obviously URD addresses both of these problem areas beautifully. The OEM exhaust bolts needed to be cut as they were completely rust welded to the flange. There is a thin metal brace that serves no structural purpose that does not allow you to remove the drivers side runner of the Y pipe without unbolting it. Let’s call the OEM pipe what it is… the WHY pipe, or the WTF pipe.

    Exhaust install took longer than expected due to removal of the OEM system. Once the OEM system was out of the way, the URD bolted up and aligned in 20-30 minutes tops. Fitment is damn near perfect.

    Quality: 10/10

    Fitment: 9/10 – Due to slight contact between rear cross member and over pipe. However this is pretty minor considering the diameter of the tubing. Not much real estate back there to work with. Flanges bolt up perfectly, and hangers fit in grommets no issues. No modifications needed.

    Sound: 10/10 – URD nailed it. Makes the engine sound like the V8 that it is. Deep rumble at start up and idle. Docile at highway cruising. Loud at WOT

    Performance: 10/10 – Slight increase in throttle response. Prob around 10 hp. Largely due to the fact that now there are NO MORE KINKS!

    Overall very happy with it.


    Start up and rev:

    Start up and rev inside cabin:

    Partial throttle acceleration and cruise:

  5. simster3 (verified owner)

    You can feel a power increase and removes 2 catalytic converters. As far as sound there is no change I can hear. My exhaust is completely stock besides this Y pipe. I am more than satisfied with quality of the product and the performance.

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